t-bone, the disco spider
24 May 2011 @ 05:05 pm
This journal is no longer friends only. All fandom-related musings, memes and general gabbery will remain unlocked, with only the personal stuff getting the friends only treatment. If you're looking for my icons, I post them at nextjuly.

Feel free to add me, no need to ask. Not really looking for new friends at the moment, but if we've communicated around the place I'll probably add you back.
Amy Winehouse
t-bone, the disco spider
13 January 2011 @ 11:45 am
So yesterday I made this massive Glee season 2 picspam! I posted it on tumblr but it had to reduce in size like craaaazy and thus didn't have the full effect. Plus, I miss LJ picspamming. And LJ in general. So here it is. I... may have gone a bit nuts with the saturation tool. (Other exciting activities yesterday: baking peanut butter cookies, watching the Vampire Diaries, doing a load of laundry. My life, ladies and gentlemen.)

Did you know there’s a forum on my blog that’s begging you to stop rapping?Collapse )

Other news! The King's Speech was absolutely perfect, and if Colin Firth doesn't win all the awards ever I will be personally insulted. Do yourselves a favor and go and see it, and BASK in its glory.

Doctor Who Christmas Special was beautiful and magical and not without its problems, but I don't really care because omg, Moffat's show is so much better than RTD's I can't even BEGIN, lol. (COMPARE AND CONTRAST WITH THE END OF TIME, AHAHAHAH. Oh David Tennant, I was rooting for you! It's such a shame your character got more and more douchey and ridiculous and then got that ending, lol.) But who really cares, because Matt Smith is now in our lives and all is good and well. Next season: moar River, scary looking dolls, NEIL GAIMAN, Utah desert, Matt Smith with a beard. SEASON 6, I AM SO ONBOARD.

I'm watching the Vampire Dairies, which is good fun. I love Bonnie, I like Stefan and Elena, and I lol endlessly at the fact that Ian Somerholder is more shirtless in this than in LOST where he was on a beach all the time.

Work is busy! I start breakfasts as of next tuesday, which means 5am starts. SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE.

And finally, if you have some spare cash, please think about donating to the Queensland flood relief. <3
t-bone, the disco spider
19 November 2010 @ 07:03 pm
YOU GUYS HP7. I went to a midnight session last night, which was a total geekfest omg. Nearly everyone in the cinema dressed up in some way (I wore this t-shirt and a pair of lightening bolt earrings) and when we took photos instead of saying cheese we yelled HERMIONE CAN'T DRAW, lol. The cinema was PACKED there was much cheering when it started, and, well. Spoiler alert: it was totally awesome.Collapse )

I wish I had more cohesive thoughts! I'm off to see it again in a couple of hours (lol) so I may have more things to say about it then, who knows. I AM GOING TO CRY SO HARD WHEN PART 2 ROLLS ALONG.